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AirScout® Flow Meters

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Measure, Discover and Save (the world!)

Did you know that compressed air is a notorious expensive utility as it is 8 times more expensive than electricity, and up to 50% is being wasted. Pneumatic machines wear and systems are often oversized, taking more energy than required.

Many facilities know how much compressed air is being produced, but few know how much is actually being wasted. Research has shown that successful energy management programs start with measurement. By measuring you can discover large consumers, leakages, inappropriate use and overdue maintenance. The AirScout flow meters provide you with actual data to justify improvements and maintenance management.

AirScout Probe

The AirScout Probe is the ultimate tool for temporary assessments or for permanent installations and is ideal for compressed air piping sizes 2” and up. A proven, robust flow meter with a long track-record.

AirScout DP

The patented AirScout DP is the ultimate measurement tool for saturated compressed air flow measurements. The unique design enables you to take measurements in the discharge pipe of a compressor under 100% saturated conditions. 

AirScout In-line

With the AirScout In-line you have the perfect tool for measuring consumption of machines, cost allocation and pressure loss monitoring. The unique design makes this flow meter especially suited for smaller diameters. It is built for small pipes up to 2″.

AirScout Terminal

A plug & play wall mount display with built-in power supply and two million point data logger. The AirScout Terminal has five sensor inputs: one input for an AirScout flow meter 4 generic analog inputs. Easy & Quick data analysis.

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